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Форум » Forum in English » Holidays Russia » January 13 Day of the Russian Press (Professional holiday)
January 13 Day of the Russian Press
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January 13 Day of the Russian Press (professional holiday)

The day of the Russian press is celebrated on January 13. Established by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation of December 28, 1991 and connected with the historical date - the beginning of the publication of the first Russian printed newspaper Vedomosti (not related to the modern newspaper of the same name, Vedomosti), founded by the decree of Peter the Great. On January 2, 1703 (January 13, according to a new style), the first issue of the Russian-language printed newspaper was published in Moscow under the current title "St. Petersburg News", which was then called: "Vedomosti about military and other matters worthy of knowledge and memory that occurred in the Moscow State And in other neighboring countries. " Peter the First considered the newspaper as an important means of struggle for carrying out reforms and strengthening the power of the Russian Empire.

At the beginning of 2009, more than 33,000 printed publications were registered in the Russian Federation. On average, daily, more than 20 million copies are distributed.

On January 12, 2016, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev presented diplomas to the laureates of the Russian government media prize for 2015. The solemn ceremony is timed to the Day of the Russian Press. One of the 10 prizes has traditionally been awarded directly on the initiative of the head of government. This time, its owner was the president of the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University Yasen Zasursky - for his personal contribution to the development of the media. Medvedev stressed that Zasursky for many years determined the main directions of development of domestic journalism. The Prime Minister also drew attention to the special project "Arguments and Facts" dedicated to the diaries of the period 1941-1945. According to the prime minister, the journalists of "AiF" did a great job, collecting dozens of children's diaries of the war years. Medvedev stopped and on the merits of other laureates. The creators of the TV program "While all the houses" were awarded for the implementation of the project "Video passport of the child", and special correspondent of "Kommersant" Olga Allenova - for a series of publications on the problems of adoption and charity. The awards were presented to the well-known literary critic Lev Ivanov-Anninsky - for his personal contribution to the preservation and development of the traditions of Russian literary criticism, and to the president of the National Association of TV and Radio Broadcasters Eduard Sagalayev - for his personal contribution to the development of domestic television. The editor-in-chief of the Brest regional newspaper Zarya (Belarus) Alexander Logvinovich was noted "for objective coverage of issues of foreign and domestic policy, economy and culture." The staff of the magazine "New World" was awarded with the award "for a great contribution to the development of Russian literature, broad educational activities and support of modern authors." The awards of 2015 were also received by representatives of two regional media - Surgut Inform-TV and the newspaper Moyo! From the Voronezh region. The RF Government Prize was established in 2005 "with a view to developing print media and stimulating professional activity". Subsequently, electronic media and television projects were added to them. In monetary terms, the amount of each award is 1 million rubles, the entire award is awarded to 10 laureates (individual journalists or collectives).

Форум » Forum in English » Holidays Russia » January 13 Day of the Russian Press (Professional holiday)
Страница 1 из 11


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