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Форум » Forum in English » Holidays Russia » January 14 Old New Year in Russia (An unofficial holiday)
January 14 Old New Year in Russia
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January 14 Old New Year in Russia

Old New Year - New Year in the Julian calendar (old style). Comes on the night of 13 to 14 January.

The phrase is an oxymoron.

An unofficial holiday, traditionally celebrated in countries whose churches celebrate Christmas on the Julian calendar (January 7). Accordingly, the date of the "old New Year" corresponds to the New Year according to the Julian calendar.

The emergence of the holiday is due to the fact that Christmas, according to the calendar tradition, should precede the New Year, and the fact that in the Orthodox Church on the Gregorian New Year is Christmas, excluding lavish feasts and amusements.

Old New Year in Russia
In Russia, the tradition to celebrate the old New Year arose after the introduction in 1918 of the Gregorian calendar.

The Russian Orthodox Church on the first day of the Old New Year celebrates the feast of Circumcision and the memory of Basil the Great. This day is not a church new year, which is celebrated on September 1 (September 14).

Old New Year in other countries

CIS and Baltic states:
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, in addition to Russia, the old New Year continues to be celebrated also by residents of former Soviet (Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan) republics, also in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan (about 40% of the population), Orthodox in the Baltic States and In countries far abroad with a large share of emigrants from the former USSR.

The former Yugoslavia:
The tradition of meeting the old New Year has been preserved in Serbia and Montenegro. The Serbs call this holiday the Serbian New Year. The Old New Year is also celebrated in Macedonia.

Old New Year on the Julian calendar (the old day of St. Sylvester, German Alter Silvester) is also noted in some German-speaking cantons of Switzerland. Unlike in Russia, these are traces of a non-ecclesiastical and popular rejection of the transition to the Gregorian calendar, (this transition took place in Protestant Switzerland in the 17th-18th centuries).

Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia:
Berbers traditionally celebrate the new year in so-called. Berber calendar (English) Russian, which is nothing more than a Julian calendar with insignificant differences. In view of the accumulated mistakes in Algeria, the Berber New Year is celebrated on 12 January, not 14.

The Japanese Old New Year (Japanese 正月 正月 kyu: sy: gatsu) is a feast of the "rissyun" (yap. 立春), the beginning of spring (also the beginning of the Chinese agricultural calendar).

Форум » Forum in English » Holidays Russia » January 14 Old New Year in Russia (An unofficial holiday)
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