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January 25 Tatyana's Day in Russia
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January 25 Tatyana's Day in Russia (memorable date)

Tatyana's Day, the Day of Russian Students - a memorable date in Russia, as well as a day in the Orthodox and people's month. The name of the day came from the name of the early Christian Martyr Tatiana of Rome, whose memory is performed in the Orthodox Church on January 12 (25).

After the signing in 1755 of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna decree on the establishment of the Moscow University, "Tatyanin Day" began to be celebrated first, as the birthday of the university, and later as a holiday of Russian students. Since 2005, the day of January 25 in Russia is officially celebrated as the "Day of Russian Students".

The history of the day of Russian students

On January 12 (23), 1755 (the day of the memory of the holy martyr Tatiana and the birthday of the mother of Ivan Shuvalov), the Russian Empress Elizaveta Petrovna approved Ivan Shuvalov's petition and signed a decree on the opening of the Moscow University, which became one of the centers of Russian advanced culture and social thought in Russia.

St. Tatiana Church on Mokhovaya Street
Subsequently, in one of the outbuildings of the old university building, a home church of the holy Martyr Tatiana was established, and the saint herself was declared the patroness of the entire Russian student body.

By the middle of the XIX century, from the holiday of students and professors of Moscow University, Tatyana's day actually turned into a holiday of the Russian intelligentsia.

The celebration of the student's day in the Russian Empire was noisy and cheerful. At first this holiday was celebrated only in Moscow, but almost the whole city took part in it. The holiday started with official ceremonies in the university building. Then noisy and merry festivities passed through the city. Under the student "party", the Frenchman Olivier, who was the owner of the Hermitage, even gave up the restaurant hall, where students and professors celebrated the holiday. At the celebration, as usual, they drank. But on this day the royal gendarmes, having met the drunk student, did not touch him, but, on the contrary, offered their help.

After the October Revolution, Tatyana's day was rarely mentioned. Only after the opening of the church in honor of the martyr Tatiana at the Moscow University in 1995, this holiday revived again. Since 2005, January 25 is celebrated in Russia as the "Day of Russian Students".

Symbolism of the holiday as a student is emphasized by the coincidence with the school calendar - January 25 is also the last day of the 21st week of study, the traditional end of the exam session of the first semester, after which the winter student holidays come.

The Eastern Slavs

Other names
Rus. Tatyana's Day, Tatyana Khreshchenskaya, Tatyana, Tanya's Epiphany.

On the day of Tatyana Kreshenskaya put candles for success in her studies. The Martyr Tatian prayed in difficult teaching and enlightenment; Saint Savva is praying for various ailments; Icon of the Mother of God "Mammal" pray for help with childbirth, for feeding with milk, for lack of mother's milk, and for the health of babies. It was believed that the lists from the icon "Akafistnaya" protect the house from a fire.

In frost they judged the weather in spring and summer. On this day, women wove tangles of yarn as much as possible and larger, so that the cabbage heads were born tight and large.

The villagers believed that the woman born on that day would be a good mistress: "Tatyana and the loaf bake, and rushes on the river, and the dance is conducted."

Sayings and signs
When the sun has turned down, do not start a bread loaf, or you will honor another day.
The early sun is early birds.
Tatyana will see the sun early - to the early arrival of birds.
Tatiana and the loaf bake, and the rugs on the river beat, and the round dance leads.
Our Tatiana and drunk with water.
If it's frosty and clear for Tatyana, there will be a good harvest; Heat and blizzard - to crop failure.

Форум » Forum in English » Holidays Russia » January 25 Tatyana's Day in Russia (memorable date)
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