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March 19 - Day of the seaman-submariner of Russia
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March 19 - Day of the seaman-submariner of Russia (professional holiday)

"The Day of the Sailor-Submariner" is a holiday celebrated by servicemen and civilian personnel of the submarine forces of the Russian Federation Navy on 19 March each year.

The history and celebration of the day of the seaman-submariner
The date was chosen in connection with an event that occurred on March 19 (old style March 6), 1906, when, under the decree of Emperor of the Russian Empire, Nicholas II, a new class of warships was included in the classification of ships of the navy, and the Russian Navy included 20 submarines "Trout", as well as built by the time submarines of the types "Kasatka", "Som" and "Sturgeon". This event is evidenced by the order of the Maritime Department of Russia No. 52 of March 24, 1906, signed personally by the Minister of the Sea Admiral Aleksei Alekseevich Birilov. In this order, in particular, it was said: "The Emperor of the Emperor (Nicholas II), on the sixth day of March of this year, the Supreme Commander deigned to ... include in the classification of the naval fleet submarines." On April 9 (March 27) of the same year, by decree No. 27614, a training detachment of underwater navigation was established at the port of Emperor Alexander III in Libava.

Since then, the Russian Empire has a new holiday, "The Day of the Sailor Submariner," but after the October Revolution of 1917, it was stopped. Almost eight decades later, the holiday was revived. On July 15, 1996, the Fleet Admiral Felix Nikolayevich Gromov, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy of the Russian Federation, signed Order No. 253, in which it was ordered to celebrate the Day of the Sailor Submariner on March 19 each year.

In 2008, the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir S. Vysotsky, in his festive address, dated to the Day of the Sailor Submariner, said:

... Today sailors-submariners reliably stand on protecting the national interests of our Motherland. Representatives of the most heroic and romantic sea profession have always been courageous, courageous and courageous, they are devoted to their military duty. This is the cause of popular love and gratitude to the sailors, who are not easily served in a strong corps. The combat activity of the Russian Navy's submarine forces throughout history has been highly active, the submarine sailors have been an example of self-sacrifice and professionalism. The strength of spirit and the courage of the submariners, who fulfilled their duty to the end, are inscribed in gold letters in the heroic annals of Russia.

This quote clearly characterizes the invaluable role played by the underwater forces of the Russian Navy in contemporary world realities.

Already traditionally, on the birthday of the Russian submarine forces, solemn festive events are held, and the most distinguished sailors of the Russian submarine forces are awarded with state awards, memorable gifts, letters of commendation and gratitude from the command.

Форум » Forum in English » Holidays Russia » March 19 - Day of the seaman-submariner of Russia (Professional holiday)
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