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March 25 - Day of the Russian Cultural Worker
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March 25 - Day of the Russian Cultural Worker (professional holiday)

Day of the worker of culture is a professional holiday of workers of culture of the Russian Federation. It is celebrated annually on March 25. In a broader sense, cultural workers are people of creative professions, artists, as well as custodians and promoters of cultural heritage.


In the spring of 2007, the then Russian Minister of Culture, Alexander Sokolov, noted in his speech that at the regional level, in several regions of the Russian Federation, there are already days of cultural workers being carried out unintentionally. Minister Sokolov, in particular, noted the need to make the holiday a state status and the need to breed it with other professional holidays of the Russian Federation.

Already in the summer of the same year, apparently listening to the words of Alexander Sergeevich, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed on August 28 a decree on "Day of the Worker of Culture." Independently of each other, the day of the Russian press, the international day of monuments and historical sites, the day of museums, the day of the writer, the day of the theater, the world day of books and copyright and other similar dates.

For the first time, the Day of Cultural Workers began to be celebrated in the Naro-Fominsk District of the Moscow Region. On February 14, 1996, on the initiative of journalist, poet and composer Igor Gerasimov and director Oksana Akatskaya, supported by the head of the department of culture of the Naro-Fominsky district, honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Tikhonova, celebrated the first professional holiday of cultural workers on the day of all lovers. The Open Heart Award was established, which was awarded to the best workers of the culture of Naro-Fominsk District for 15 years.

The Day of Cultural Workers is not a non-working day, if, depending on the year, does not fall on the day off.

Форум » Forum in English » Holidays Russia » March 25 - Day of the Russian Cultural Worker (Professional holiday)
Страница 1 из 11


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