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Форум » Forum in English » Holidays Russia » April 8 - Day of employees of military commissariats of RF (Professional holiday)
April 8 - Day of employees of military commissariats of RF
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April 8 - Day of employees of military commissariats of Russia (professional holiday)

The military commissariat (military commissariat) is a body of local military administration in the Soviet Union, and then in the republics of the former USSR responsible for military mobilization and call-up work in the armed forces of the Union and the post-Soviet states (not all).

They can be regional, republican, oblast, city, district and interdistrict. District and city may be united. Earlier in Russia were also district, provincial, district and volost.

During the Great Patriotic War, there were no field military registration and enlistment offices, this vernacular phrase is applied by some to the temporary structures that carried out the conscription to the service and subordinated directly to the military councils of the operating armies.

The service activities of military commissariats are managed by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation through commanders of military districts.

The performance of the military commissariat is controlled by the military commissar

Military commissariats do not have branches or representative offices.

The structure of military commissariats includes the command, the main units, including military commissariats for municipalities, security units and welfare centers.

Military commissariats (municipal) can be established in municipal formations having the status of a city district, intra-urban territories of cities of federal significance, and a municipal district.

Each military commissariat (municipal) has a stamp indicating the number of the military commissariat, which is transferred to the military commissar (municipal) military commissioner of the subject of the Russian Federation.

The main divisions and social welfare centers carry out their activities on the basis of provisions on them approved by the military commissioners of the entities. Military commissars (municipal) military commissioners of the subjects are issued power of attorney for the performance of official activities.

On April 8, 1918, the Council of People's Commissars adopted the "Decree on the Establishment of Volost, District, Provincial and District Commissariats for Military Affairs," on the basis of which seven district, 39 provincial, 385 district and 7,000 volost military commissariats were established in the territory of the Soviet Republic .

The following main tasks were assigned to the military commissariats:

Maintain records of persons liable for military service
Conduct initial military training and carry out appeals to the Armed Forces of the USSR, form their units, organize their supply, manage troops intended for servicing the territory of this province, enforce the Decree on All-Vow.
The right to command the newly created divisions went to people who knew the theory and practice of military art - graduates of the Military Academy. MV Frunze, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Colonel KI Provalov, lieutenant-colonels AI Petrakovsky and DI Zinoviev (cd. 383, 393 and 395, respectively). So, on August 20, 1941 they were summoned to the command and command staff of the People's Commissariat of Defense. In conversation, the head of the department, Major-General A. D. Rumyantsev, said that they were entrusted to command rifle divisions. At the same time, the following was stressed: "Make sure that the military commissariats are provided with a trained attributive staff: Red Army men, separated commanders, pomkvzvod, and sergeant-all," I emphasize, "everyone should be appointed among those who served the largest army in the Red Army three years ago. Command staff will get a cadre. "
- The defense of Donbass and the city of Stalin in 1941. 383 sd, Donetsk. History. Developments. Data.


The main tasks of the military commissariat are:

Preparation and conduct of mobilization;
Accounting of human and economic resources;
Preparation of youth for military service;
The organization of carrying out of appeals of citizens on military service and on educational gathering;
The organization of admission of citizens to military service under a contract;
Implementation of other defense measures;

Types (in the Russian Federation)
Military commissariat of the subject of Russia (republican, regional, provincial).
Military commissariat, subordinate to the military commissariat of the subject of Russia (united (OGVK), city (GVK), district (RVC)).

The following abbreviations are used in official correspondence:

KVK - regional military commissariat
ResKV - republican military commissariat
OVK - regional military commissariat
RVK - District Military Commissariat
OVVK - the united city military commissariat
GVK - city military commissariat

Day of employees of military commissariats of Russia
The day of the adoption of the "Decree on the Establishment of Volost, County, Provincial and District Commissariats for Military Affairs" is celebrated in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus (according to the order of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus No. 175 of March 10, 2003), as a professional holiday - "Day of employees of military commissariats ".

Day of the mobilization worker also exists in Ukraine, which is celebrated on September 14.

In Germany, exemplary functions are performed by Kreiswehrersatzamt.

Interesting Facts
From June 22, 1941 to July 1, 1941 (9 days), military commissariats in the Armed Forces of the USSR were called upon by 5,300,000 people.

Форум » Forum in English » Holidays Russia » April 8 - Day of employees of military commissariats of RF (Professional holiday)
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