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April 30 - Day of Fire Protection of Russia
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April 30 - Day of Fire Protection of Russia (professional holiday)

The day of fire protection is a professional holiday of workers of fire protection. It is celebrated in the Russian Federation annually, on April 30.

Day of Fire Protection in Russia

April 30, 1649, the Russian Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich signed a document called "The Order of the City Deanery." This order, in Moscow, for the first time in the Russian state was introduced a constant, round-the-clock duty of fire patrols, which was instructed not only to take an active part in extinguishing fires, but also to monitor compliance with the fire safety rules that existed at that time. Also, fire patrols had the right to apply a series of punitive measures against violators of the TPR.

Six months after the October Revolution (1917), April 17, 1918, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) signed a decree "On the organization of measures to combat fire." This date, for seven decades, became the "day of the fireman" in the USSR. Since 1994, the holiday has acquired the current name.

Exactly 350 years after the creation of the first fire patrols, in 1999, the first president of Russia, Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin, signed the Presidential Decree No. 539 of April 30, 1999 "On the Establishment of a Fire Protection Day," according to which the day the tsar signed the "Order of the City Deanery" Becomes a professional holiday called the "Day of Fire Protection" and receives official status.

Day of fire protection in other countries
Holidays, related to the Russian fire protection day, are noted in other countries:

Belarus - July 25 ("Day of Fire Service").
Kyrgyzstan - June 15 ("Day of Kyrgyzstan Fire Service Worker").
Ukraine - April 17 (Day of Fire Fighters of Ukraine).
In many European countries, the Day of Fire Protection is celebrated on May 4, t. This is the day of St. Florian's memory, the patron of firefighters (Florian's cross is used in the signs of fire services of many countries).

Statistical data for the Russian Federation
In the Russian Federation, 130,000 fires are recorded every year, killing about 19,000 people, including 30 firefighters involved in extinguishing the fire.

Форум » Forum in English » Holidays Russia » April 30 - Day of Fire Protection of Russia (Professional holiday)
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