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Форум » Forum in English » Holidays Russia » May 7 - Radio Day in Russia (Professional holiday)
May 7 - Radio Day in Russia
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May 7 - Radio Day in Russia, a holiday of employees of all communications industries (professional holiday)

Radio Day is a holiday (in the USSR and Russia) for workers in all communications and radio engineering (professional holiday).

history of the holiday

May 7 (April 25 old style) in 1895 the Russian physicist Alexander Popov demonstrated a radio communication session. For the first time this date was solemnly celebrated in the USSR in 1925, and since 1945 the festival is celebrated annually.

Radio Day May 7 is annually celebrated by teachers, students and graduates of all radiophysical faculties of Russia, as well as radio amateurs. Especially this holiday is appreciated at the first in the world of the Radiophysics Faculty of the Nizhny Novgorod State University. N.I. Lobachevsky. The modern information boom is the result of the work of many generations of scientists, engineers, technicians - all those who are connected with the fate of the telecommunications industry. And therefore, Radio Day can be safely called a professional holiday of workers of television, radio broadcasting, postal workers, signalers, shortwave radio amateurs. All those who promptly inform us about the most important events taking place in the country, unite on the radio waves human affairs, thoughts and souls.

In Taganrog State Radio Engineering University on this day in the student club there is a festive concert dedicated to "Radio Day", as well as an evening of meetings of the students of the student club. "Radio Day" has always been celebrated in TRTI and TSURE as a professional holiday of the university.

The celebration of Radio Day at the Ryazan State Radio Technical University annually attracts thousands of students and graduates near the walls of the educational institution. The holiday begins with the procession of the cross on the night of May 7 around the monument to A.S. Popov, near the building of the University. Celebrating congratulate each other with the words "Popov contacted!" To which it is customary to answer "Verily Popov!". This tradition is associated with a long-standing dispute about the priority of the invention of radio between Popov and Marconi. The phrase "Truly Popov!" Popov's priority is emphasized. It is practiced to give friends colored radiolamps (similar to Easter eggs). Since 2012, the university administration has been taking measures to prevent the night part of the celebration of the event.

Students, graduates and teachers of the Faculty of Radio Engineering of the USTU-UPI in Yekaterinburg annually hold a torchlight procession from the faculty building to the Popov monument at 22.00 local time, while local authorities are forced to block the movement of the main thoroughfares along which the celebrating column of the marchers is moving.

In Tomsk, the tradition of celebrating Radio Day appeared along with the opening of the radio engineering faculty and the formation of the Tomsk Institute of Radio and Electronic Technology - TIRiET, TIASUR (now TUSUR), gradually evolving from a professional holiday into one of the university's main traditions. Annually, starting from 1989, on May 7, students arrange a festive procession through the streets of Tomsk. The first festive procession was organized by a group of students with the support of the Dean of the RTF TUSUR GS Shurygin and Rector TIASUR I.N. Pustynsky. Since 2001, the festival has received the status of a city event, participation in which is accepted not only by students and graduates of TUSUR, but also by students from other universities of Tomsk and visitors from other cities. It also became a tradition that at the end of the march from the hostel of TUSUR No. 6 from the ninth floor students throw out all the old electronics: televisions, monitors, keyboards and even refrigerators. This "gesture of generosity" says that progress does not stand still and every year the university students invent something new, and the old one and already unfit for use are broken up into thousands of microcircuits. In 2016, the Guinness Record was set by the number of discarded equipment (more than 500 pieces of defective equipment).

At the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology at the Faculty of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics, a competition of radio engineering structures takes place every year.

In addition to the former Soviet republics, this holiday is celebrated in Bulgaria (the Bulgarian Den on radiot and TV).

On May 7, 2009, Google published a doodle in the form of radio.

From the Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR of May 4, 1945:

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the invention of radio by the Russian scientist AS Popov, performed on May 7, 1945, the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR decided: taking into account the crucial role of radio in the cultural and political life of the population and for the defense of the country, in order to popularize the achievements of Russian science And techniques in the field of radio and the promotion of amateur radio amateurs among the general public, to establish on May 7 an annual "Radio Day".

Other Holidays
Radio Day should not be confused with such holidays as:

World Radio Day - celebrated on February 13
International Telecommunication Day - celebrated on May 17.
The International Day of Radio Amateurs or World Radio Amateur Day is celebrated on April 18.
Day of Radio, Television and Communication Workers of Ukraine - celebrated on November 16
Military Communications Day - October 20

Форум » Forum in English » Holidays Russia » May 7 - Radio Day in Russia (Professional holiday)
Страница 1 из 11


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